I meant to post this Friday night before I headed off to a contra dance, but I was having too much fun getting ready.I love this Steve Earle song. It makes we want to stand up and dance. Enjoy.


Sorry people but by the time I get home from work, grab food, and get ready to go wherever I’m going to go at night, ( it usually involves music) I don’t have time to write lengthy blog posts every day. So I’m giving you this.

Last book finished: Can’t you hear me calling- a biography of Bill Monroe by Richard D Smith.- absolutley brilliant. So good, I cried.

book in progress: “Musicophilia- your brain and music” by Oliver Sacks.

The prelimary tentative performer list for Joe Val 08 is up. I got so excited I almost fell out of my chair. The information put a big smile on my face on an otherwise rainy day and everytime I think about it, I get all giddy.

I’ve been sitting her running late for dancing because I’ve gotten caught up in Bluegrass Gospel Project. I made a commitment to write a post every day this month and now the music has got my soul, mind and voice. I’ve been singing off key interrupting the band’s harmonies. I’ve been enjoying myself but I got to get out of here.

OK. so earlier in the month I said I would post every day for the month of November. It’s only day three and as usual I’m running late. I had a crappy week. ( see other post)
Earlier in the evening I had a splitting headache and out on the couch after eating indian food and watching about a half hour of “Mean Girls.” If you haven’t seen it, it’s actually not a bad movie- written by and staring the most lovely and kick-ass Tina Fey ( though maybe not in literal kicking someone’s ass kind of way- at least I don’t think so) I even missed a Loose Ends gig out in West Newton and “A.K.A.C.O.D” at the local bar. That’s how bad I felt.
I still have a lingering goddamn headache. Is this all a good excuse for a late post? And anyway, I gave you links. Sorry it was late.